Trending Video: Tiktok Popularity In Nigeria Today

Normally Tiktok app is underrated in Nigeria and like no one actully uses the app even if they do its not common you know, it might be just few people using it. It's not like Facebook Twitter and Instagram at least those apps have much popularity and use among Nigerians. 

But this period of lock down a lot of things have changed and things are not balanced at all 😂, a lot has happened and many are yet to come and we pray it's for the better.  Well off to the Tiktok matter before i you know kind of drifted off.

The lockdown has come with a lot of boredom and you find out that a lot of people now tend to be online these days doing lots of things which brings this topic into place, like i said before, Tiktok was like an app that had lesser value and concentration but now a lot of people now use the app and many celebrities in particular.

These are the most popular  celebrities who uses Tiktok in Nigeria

1. Kunle Remi. Kunle Remi [Instagram/KunleRemiOfficial] 
2. Genevieve Nnaji. Genevieve Nnaji [Instagram/GenevieveNnaji]
3. Lilian Esoro. Lilian Esoro [Instagram/LilianEsoro]
4. Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy [Instagram/DonJazzy] 
5  Tacha
6  Iyabo Ojo
7  Omoni Oboli
8. Rema

Not only them but many other celebrities have taken to the Tiktok which is also the most trending hashtag on twitter.

Watch video below to see other Celebrities who uses the Tiktok app

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